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A science based approach to holistic medicine. Imagine being part of a practice where you can text or call your doctor.

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We do not accept insurance, which gives a more personal experience and relationship with you and your doctor.

Integrative Medicine

We provide evidence based medicine and complementary medicine to promote your best healing and wellness.

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Our easy scheduling and minimal wait times will allow us to spend longer time with, you, our patient!

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We focus on Your Health

We focus on the whole person to facilitate healing and bring optimal health through maximizing benefits from disease-focused therapies of western conventional medicine and complementary medicine. This approach can ease discomfort and promote healing in people with complex diseases.


Mind & Body Therapy

Functional Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine

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Integrative Medicine, Trusted Care

IV Therapy

IV therapy is the fastest way to deliver medications, blood products and more into the bloodstream to help with various health conditions, dehydration and blood transfusions.

Disease Focused Therapy

We bring optimal health through maximizing benefits from disease-focused therapies of western conventional medicine and holistic medicine.


We use acupuncture to stimulate the body's natural healing abilities and promote physical and emotional well-being.

Holistic Medicine

We are anintegrative medicine clinic that provides evidence based medicine and complementary medicine.

Primary Care

We provide healthcare services (18 and above) to both men and women, preventative health and chronic care.

Weight Loss

We provide individualized nutrition guidance and evidence based healthy weight loss options.

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Positive Reviews From Patients

Joe Schidler
Joe Schidler
Very friendly staff no ce and calming atmosphere
Paige Zellers
Paige Zellers
The whole crew at Lotus Health and Wellness is amazing. I’ve gotten acupuncture and vitamin infusions and the whole team is kind, helpful, and genuinely cares about the client.
Ross Ford
Ross Ford
Having Dr. Chung as my doctor has been life changing. It one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. She has helped me when other doctors have failed. She gave me hope when I thought there wasn’t any. She really listens and cares and wants to help you resolves whatever issues you are having. Her ability to merge both western and holistic medicine is ingenious and her knowledge of such is unmatched by anyone that I know of. Without her help I never would have been able to figure out my medical mysteries that I have caused me so much pain and suffering the past 5 years. I have left so many other doctors frustrated, depressed, and hopeless but she has changed my perspective on doctors. There still are ones out there who actually care and want to get down to the bottom of what is ailing you and truly help. Dr. Chung are her staff are always super helpful and quick to respond and help you out especially in times of crisis. Which I have had several. I’ve never met anyone like Dr. Chung and her team and honestly I don’t plan on leaving her care anytime soon. If you have a condition and/or symptoms you need answers to but are feeling frustrated with you current doctor definitely give doctor Chung a call. She will really listen to you and use everything she has in her arsenal (which is plentiful) to help you. Thank you Dr. Chung and Lloyd. Y’all have given me my life back and for that I will always be eternally grateful!!!

Our Expert Doctor

Meet Dr. Chung

I am a board certified physician in infectious disease and internal medicine.

While working in the conventional medical field as an infectious disease specialist for 8 years, I realized there was so much limitation on what western medicine can do for patients. Advancement in technology, pharmaceuticals did not result in improving quality of life. Hence, more people are suffering from chronic illness without clear explanations. That was a turning point and I started looking into different aspects such as life style medicine, nutrition, mind body therapy, functional medicine.

I expanded my knowledge beyond conventional medicine and started to apply in my daily practice which made a huge difference to patients.