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Are you tired of paying a $35 copay for 7 minutes with your doctor? At Lotus Health & Wellness, we believe you deserve more. Rather than spending our time submitting claims to insurance companies, we focus on what is most important… your health! Our membership model cuts out the middleman and we work directly for you. We promise that you will always know your costs upfront, with no surprise billing. What’s more, Lotus Health & Wellness guarantees relaxed and conversational visits, same/next-day appointments, 24/7 direct communication with your doctor, and access to affordable medications/bloodwork/imaging. We believe you deserve more.

Membership Ages 18-26


per month

$199 One Time Enrollment Fee

Non Member Pricing

Membership Ages 27-64


per month

$199 One Time Enrollment Fee

Membership Ages 18-64


per month

$299 One Time Enrollment Fee

Membership Ages 65 and Above

Tier 1


per year


Tier 2


per year